How can I remove an activation from my license after exceeding the maximum number of licenses?

How can I remove an activation from my license after exceeding the maximum number of licenses?

After rebuilding a server, you receive an error message similar to the following.

Error Message: 
Exceeded the maximum number of licenses.

It used to be that you would have to send the License.dat file to COZYROC support in order to reset any of your existing license records. 

Now, you can reset a license yourself at License Customer Form
For more information about using the License Customer Form, see the article "How to use the License Customer Form".

Here are the steps:
  1. Open this link in your browser, License Customer Form.
  2. When the License Customer Form appears, enter the Licensee Identifier and Contact eMail (See Figure 01).
  3. Check the CAPTCHA and Click the Enter button.
  4. Check the CAPTCHA then Click on the Reset License link (See Figure 02). (Note: If you need to determine which License to reset, use the link called 'View Registered Machines' to help determine which slots have been used. If you determine none of the license slots can be reset, then you will need to purchase new license slots.)
  5. Click on the Choose File button to upload the License.dat file.  Note: you will find the License.dat file under the C:\Program Files (x86)\CozyRoc\SSIS folder for 64 bit installs and C:\Program Files\CozyRoc\SSIS folder for 32 bit installs. (If the License.dat is not present on the machine, then it was likely removed by clicking the Remove button in the License Manager app.  You can recover the Licence.dat file using this KB article.)
  6. Enter reason for resetting License record and Click the Reset button (See Figure 03).
Note: a status, "License reset success." will be displayed, when the License record has been reset (See Figure 04). 

Figure 01 - License Customer Form
Figure 02 - License Customer Form (Reset License)
Figure 03 - License Reset
Figure 04 - License Reset Success

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