How to use the License Customer Form.

How to use the License Customer Form.

We provide our customers with a License Customer Form.  Please see the screenshot below:

You can use our License Customer Form to reset your license, to view the number of your registered machines against our license, to view the license update history, or to find out information about how many unused license slots you have. To be able to find all this information follow the steps below:
If the steps below do not allow you to log in and you are sure the values for the field have been entered correctly, please try using Chrome Browser with Incognito window.  This will give a browser window with clean cache and eliminate caching as a potential issue logging into the form.
  1. Go to our License Customer Form
  2. Enter your Licensee Identifier for Licensee field. To find the Licensee Identifier on the machine, where COZYROC is installed follow the steps below:
    1. Click to open the Windows Start Menu
    2. Go to All Programs
    3. Scroll down to find COZYROC SSIS+  and click on it
    4. Right-Click on License and then select Run as administrator
    5. When you run the License Application, it will show you the Licensee Identifier. See screen capture for example.
      1. If your licensing information looks like: Licensee Name(Licensee Identifier), please enter only the Licensee Identifier - the part that is in the parentheses. Do not enter the Licensee Name or the entire Licensee Name(Licensee Identifier) combination. Example: Acme (I-J3RHS7J437L1) -> enter only: I-J3RHS7J437L1.
  3. For Email field enter the contact email address that has been used when purchasing your License. 
  4. Check the Captcha 
  5. Click the Enter button. As a result, you will get the following form:

The form above will give you information about how many license slots you have and how many you have used. This information is at the top of the form. You will be able to see also the following links:
  1. Reset License
  2. View Registered machines
  3. View Update history
View Registered machines:
If you need to find out which machines you have registered against our License follow the steps below:
  1. Check the Captcha
  2. Click the link "View Registered machines" 
View Update history:
If you need to find your License update history follow the steps below:
  1. Check the Captcha
  2. Click the link "View Update history"
Reset License:
If you need to Reset you License follow the steps below:
  1. Check the Captcha
  2. Click the link "Reset License". You will get the following form:

  3. On the form above select your License.dat file for License field. (You should have made a backup of this License.dat file during the licensing process.  If you did not and/or have deleted this file then you need to recover it using the following KB article: How do I retrieve my License.dat file after it has been deleted.)
  4. On the form above type in the reason for resetting your license for Reason field
  5. Click the Reset button. You will get the message "License Reset Success". Look at the form below:

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