How do I retrieve my license.dat file after it has been deleted?

How do I retrieve my license.dat file after it has been deleted?

When Licensing COZYROC to a server, the License.dat file is placed in the C:\Program Files (x86)\CozyRoc\SSIS folder for a typical installation.

Occasionally customers will want to move a license to a new server, but some event has taken place where the License.dat file has been deleted and no longer available. When moving a License, customers must use the License Customer Form to remove the record for the licensed machine from the Licensee Identifier.  Once that has been done, the customer can select the Remove License button from the COZYROC License Manager app to complete the process of removing the license.  The License.dat file is needed for a step in the License Customer page.  If this License.dat file has been deleted before removing the record from the Licensee Identifier, then this presents a problem.

Scenarios where the License.dat file has gone missing, include the following, but not limited to:
      1. Customer selects Remove License, before having removed the record from the Licensee Identifier using the License Customer page.
      2. Server was decommissioned altogether with no source of recovery.

Customers are responsible for maintaining their License.dat file and their machines and should always make a backup for safe keeping.

If the customer has made a mistake and lost or deleted this file, then they can retrieve the License.dat file only if they have required information for retrieval which would include:
      1. Machine Identifier of the licensed machine.
      2. Licensee Identifier received at time of purchase.

The License.dat file can be retrieved from the Product License Request page.

Here are steps to take on the Product License Request page: 

1. On a computer that has Internet access and can access the COZYROC license server, go to the Product License Request page to get your license key. Enter the machine identifier from the production server and your licensee identifier into the form. (If you no longer know the Machine ID of a decommissioned machine, then you will have to use the License Customer Form and action "View All Registered Machines" and figure which it is you want to reset.)


2. Click on the “Get License” button and save the License.dat file provided.

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