How To reset your License record

How to reset your License record

If you are planning to migrate to another server or you have performed an upgrade to your SQL Server, you will need to reset your COZYROC License record for the machine ID on the old machine (or SQL version) and then request a new license key on the new server (or SQL version). By resetting your license record, you are freeing up a license key slot associated with your license record so that you have an available license key available to use on the new or upgraded server.

Be sure to save the license.dat file from the server being upgraded or decommissioned until you have completed the migration or upgrade.

Note: In the past, it was necessary to send the License.dat file to COZYROC support. That is no longer necessary, although you will need the License.dat file to reset your License record via the License Customer Form. For more information about using this for, see the article "How to use the License Customer Form".
Here are the steps:
  1. Open this link in your browser, License Customer Form. (Note: Please us incognito window for best results.)
  2. When the License Customer Form appears, enter the Licensee Identifier and Contact eMail (See Figure 01). Note: If the License Identifier contains parenthesis, enter only the part in parenthesis.)
  3. Check the CAPTCHA and Click the Enter button.
  4. Check the CAPTCHA then Click on the Reset License link (See Figure 02).
  5. Click on the Choose File button to upload the License.dat file.  Note: you will find the License.dat file under the C:\Program Files (x86)\CozyRoc\SSIS folder for 64 bit installs and C:\Program Files\CozyRoc\SSIS folder for 32 bit installs. (If you no longer have the License.dat file, please see the following KB article: How do I retrieve my License.dat file after it has been deleted?)
  6. Enter reason for resetting License record and Click the Reset button (See Figure 03).
Note: a status, "License reset success." will be displayed, when the License record has been reset (See Figure 04). 

Figure 01 - License Customer Form
Figure 02 - License Customer Form (Reset License)
Figure 03 - License Reset
Figure 04 - License Reset Success

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