COZYROC Help Center

Our Help Center is the preferred method for contacting COZYROC and is where you can submit a ticket to SSIS+ Technical Support, SSIS+ Sales and COZYROC Cloud Support. You can also search an extensive list of Knowledge Base articles in the Help Center. You do not have to create an account login to use the Help Center, but we encourage you to do so because then you will be able to track all of the tickets you have previously opened within the Help Center. We ask that, when you do open a ticket in the Help Center, you choose the correct Department and Classification that best describes the assistance you're looking for.

For SSIS+, if you have a sales or technical support-related question and are a current customer, please include your Licensee Identifier in the ticket field provided. If you are opening a technical support ticket for help with a task or component that will not load properly or you cannot find in the SSIS Toolbox, please fill in all of the optional questions when opening the ticket. This will increase the likelihood that we can go directly to the heart of the problem without delay. Otherwise, it could require several exchanges with you to obtain the information we need to resolve your issue.

For COZYROC Cloud Support related questions, please be sure to enter your COZYROC Cloud Subscription Number if you are a current customer.

    • Recent Articles

    • Error Message: fixed queue overflow

      Action: While uploading a higher number of records to a REST Destination component within a Data Flow Task, the following error message is received. Error Message: “fixed queue overflow”. Solution: This error is related to the value established in ...
    • Can I use Modern Authentication with the Dynamics CRM Adapters?

      COZYROC Dynamics CRM Components do not support Modern Authentication. Our Dynamics CRM components use Microsoft Dynamics CRM WCF API, which is not compatible with Modern Authentication. ​  If you prefer to use Modern Authentication to connect to ...
    • Where can I find the release notes for COZYROC SSIS+?

      The release notes for SSIS+ can be found on the main COZYROC website at under the "Support" menu item.  You can click this link, "Release Notes", to be taken to that page now. The release notes for development builds can be found at ...
    • Error Message: Found no compatible SSIS framework. Installation aborted

      Action: When trying to install the COZYROC SSIS+, I received the following error message: Error Message: “Found no compatible SSIS framework. Installation aborted”. Solution: This error message indicates that you do not have properly installed SQL ...
    • When to connect to MongoDB replica set?

      You should connect to MongoDB replica set only when you have multiple hosts.