Why is my License Expiration data immediately expired when I enter the 30-day TRIAL key?

Why is my License Expiration date immediately expired when I enter the 30-day TRIAL key?

The TRIAL license key needs to be reset for your machine id.

Please open the COZYROC license manager application window from your server where you need the TRIAL activated. You will be able to find the COZYROC license manager application by clicking the Windows Start button and then typing in keyword COZYROC or License. We need the Machine Identifier that exist in the field called Machine on this window. 

Two things needed:
  1. Screen capture of License Manager app window.
  2. Copy and paste the exact Machine Identifier into the Optional field called Machine Identifier when submitting ticket. (This will speed up the process so we aren't making typo's while trying to reset the TRIAL for the machine.)

Once you have copied the Machine Identifier, please Submit a Ticket and enter this Machine Identifier in the optional field available called "Machine Identifier".  You only then need to complete the remaining required fields to submit the ticket.

We will do a one time reset of your record and notify you in the ticket to let you know when you can attempt to retry requesting your trial license key again.

Note: If we have previously reset the TRIAL for you, then you will need to purchase a subscription of the COZYROC SSIS+ Suite.

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