What is the license cost for this scenario with a Disaster Recovery Server?

What is the license cost for this scenario with a Disaster Recovery Server?

Product: SSIS+ 

Quantity - 1 production, 1 Test and 1 Disaster Recover/BCP Server

Total Qty - 3 Servers

 NOTE: Prices used in this example scenario are at the time of writing.  Please check the Purchase tab of www.cozyroc.com website for current pricing.

The cost of each option is as follows:  


  • One SSIS+ Ultimate subscription for $999/year; this includes two license keys.

  • Two SSIS+ 1.9 Perpetual Licenses for 2 x $4,999 = $9,998; this includes two license keys.


This scenario only requires two license keys to be purchased. There is no charge for the license key for the Disaster Recovery server. In order to get the third license key for the Disaster Recovery server, send an email to sales@cozyroc.com explaining your configuration.

Note: there is an additional $50 processing fee for the Purchase Order / Invoice processing. There is no processing fee if you place your order via PayPal.

See the section called "Disaster Recovery, Cluster and Passive Nodes" in the Licensing documentation page for more information.

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