What is an experimental REST configuration and where can I find the documentation for the experimental REST configurations?

What is an experimental REST configuration and where can I find the documentation for the experimental REST configurations?

Experimental REST configurations are a starting point for configurations to REST services that COZYROC has provided in order to give you a jump start to using the Custom REST Configuration Editor which will allow you to continue building out any of the additional REST API resources needed by your organizations requirements.

Typically in an experimental REST configuration COZYROC has taken the time to create the connection part of the configuration and one or two resources to demonstrate the connection and resource is working.  COZYROC has not taken the time to build these experimental REST configurations out completely because the demand for their use is not high and therefore it is not in our best interest to devote time to developing them out completely.  The Custom REST Configuration Editor provides the customer the ability to build the additional resources needed based on their own organizations needs.

A list of experimental REST configurations available is provided below along with links to their individual documentation pages:
  1. 3dcart Connection
  2. Accelo Connection
  3. Airtable Connection
  4. Azure Application Insights Connection
  5. Azure DevOps Connection
  6. Azure Management Connection
  7. Baremetrics Connection
  8. BigCommerce Connection
  9. Bizzabo Connection
  10. BridalLive Connection
  11. Bullhorn Connection
  12. Calendly Connection
  13. Campaign Monitor Connection
  14. Capsule CRM Connection
  15. Caspio Connection
  16. channeladvisor Connection
  17. ChargeOver Connection
  18. Clockify Connection
  19. ConvertKit Connection
  20. Coupa Connection
  21. Criteo Connection
  22. DataRobot Connection
  23. Dayforce Connection
  24. DoubleClick Connection
  25. DrChrono Connection
  26. eBay Connection
  27. Ellucian Ethos Connection
  28. Emergency Reporting Connection
  29. Empower Connection
  30. Engagement Cloud Connection
  31. Epicor Connection
  32. Exact Online Connection
  33. Facebook Connection
  34. FactSet Connection
  35. Formsite Connection
  36. Foxy Connection
  37. FreeWheel Connection
  38. FreshDesk Connection
  39. FreshSales Connection
  40. GitLab Connection
  41. Google Ads Connection
  42. Google Classroom Connection
  43. Google Cloud Pub/Sub Connection
  44. Google Cloud Storage Connection
  45. Harvest Connection
  46. Hive Connection
  47. HSD Metrics Connection
  48. Insightly Connection
  49. Interfolio Connection
  50. IRESS XPLAN Connection
  51. iSolved Connection
  52. JotForm Connection
  53. KISSFLOW Connection
  54. LiquidPlanner Connection
  55. Mailgun Connection
  56. Miro Connection
  57. MYOB Connection
  58. Nielsen Connection
  59. OFX Connection
  60. Omnilert Connection
  61. OpenTable Connection
  62. Oracle Eloqua Connection
  63. PandaDoc Connection
  64. PayTrace Connection
  65. Pendo Connection
  66. PlanGrid Connection
  67. PowerBI Connection
  68. QuickBooks Time Connection
  69. Refinitiv Datascope Select Connection
  70. Reply Connection
  71. ReviewPush Connection
  72. Salesforce Marketing Connection
  73. SavetyCulture Connection
  74. ServiceM8 Connection
  75. ServiceTrade Connection
  76. ShipStation Connection
  77. Stripe Connection
  78. Thought Industries Connection
  79. Transics Connection
  80. Typeform Connection
  81. UPS Connection
  82. Uptake CloudLink Connection
  83. Walmart Marketplace Connection
  84. WooCommerce Connection
  85. Wrike Connection
  86. Yammer Connection
  87. Zoho Books Connection
  88. Zoho Desk Connection
  89. Zoho Inventory Connection
  90. Zoom Connection

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