How to prepare for Ultimate Subscription Renewals

How to prepare for Ultimate Subscription Renewals

The SSIS+ Ultimate Subscription has time-limited license keys. After the expiration date has passed, the software will automatically contact the COZYROC License Server and retrieve the license key for the next subscription period. No action is required on your part to renew your license if your server has access to the COZYROC License Server at and your subscription fee has been paid for the upcoming year.

If Paypal was used for the purchase or renewal in the past, a reminder email will be sent to the contact associated with the PayPal account used to purchase or renew your license in the past. If the same Paypal account will be used to renew this year and the COZYROC subscription within Paypal is set up to use the correct, unexpired credit card, then the payment should go through without any action on your part.

If the person who handled your license renewals previously has left the company, we recommend that  you check the setup of the PayPal subscription for COZYROC. Staff turn-over and expired credit cards are some of the reasons why you may need to update information on PayPal. 
Be sure to check and update the payment information for the specific subscription. Updating the payment information only in your PayPal profile is not enough.

If you would like to take additional precautionary measures to ensure your SSIS Server can reach the COZYROC License Server, take the following steps:

  • Verify that your SSIS server and the SQL Job Agent have permission to communicate on port 80 with the COZYROC License Server at:
  • Execute an SSIS package under the SQL Job Agent to test its ability to communicate with the License Server. To accomplish this, follow these steps:
    1. Go to the COZYROC registry key.
    2. There is a DWORD value called ContactLicenseServer. Set this special flag temporarily to 1, to always contact the COZYROC License Server when executing SSIS packages
    3. Run one of your production SSIS packages under the SQL Job Agent manually. After it finishes executing, inspect your SQL Job Agent execution log. If you don't see errors or warnings, then everything is fine and your subscription renewal should complete successfully.
    4. Go to the registry and reset the ContactLicenseServer value to back to 0.
If there are errors which indicate that you do not have a license, then there is a firewall or some other reason why your SSIS server cannot reach the COZYROC License Server. In that case, after you have paid the renewal fee,  follow the instructions described in the section entitled My server sits behind a firewall and I'm unable to contact the COZYROC license server. How can I get my license key?

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