REST Destination: How to modify the REST Parameters parameter dynamically at runtime

REST Destination: How to modify the [REST Destination].[Parameter] property dynamically at runtime

The [REST Destination].[Parameter] property is available in the data flow properties list. Follow these steps to set up an expression:

  • Create a variable that can be loaded with the desired additional parameters for data insertion.
  • Right-click on the data flow canvas and select the Properties menu.
  • Scroll down and find the properties in the group called Misc.
  • Note the name of the property you want to modify dynamically at runtime. It will be named something like this: [REST Destination].[ Parameter]. This is the property containing additional parameters for data insertion.
  • Scroll down and find the Expressions property. Set up an expression for the property noted above using a variable to modify it dynamically at runtime.
The format for expressions to be used to construct dynamic [REST Destination].[Parameter] is [name]=[value]. Each parameter is separated with either just line feed (\n) or carriage return and linefeed (\r\n). 

Example expressions:
  1. "filePath=" + @[$Project::GSheetGrades_FilePath] + "\r\n" +  "range=" + @[$Project::GSheetGrades_SheetName] + "!C4:E15"
  2. "filePath=GoogleSheets/" + @[User::FileName] + "\n" + "range=Sheet1" + "\n" + "firstRowColumnNames=1"