Microsoft Dataverse - A Template to convert sales orders to invoice

Microsoft Dataverse - A Template to convert Sales Order to Invoice

Discover how to streamline your invoicing process with this customizable parameterization template, designed to convert Dataverse sales orders into invoices seamlessly.

Use the following steps to copy and paste the below template into the COZYROC JavaScript Task/Component.

1 - Drag and Drop the COZYROC JavaScript Task into the Control Flow canvas or the COZYROC JavaScript Component into the Data Flow canvas. Select REST Web Service Request Task from the drop-down list for the option Choose a pre-built script and click on the OK button, as shown in the below screen capture:

2 - Copy the below parameterization template code:

Convert sale order to invoice
  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
  2. <Parameters>
  3. <RestConnection>Dataverse</RestConnection>
  4. <Method>POST</Method>
  5. <Url>/ConvertSalesOrderToInvoice</Url>
  6. <ContentType>application/json</ContentType>
  7. <IsBodyFile>False</IsBodyFile>
  8. <Body>
  9. <![CDATA[{
  10.         {
  11.             "SalesOrderId": "{[saleOrderGuid]}",
  12.             "ColumnSet": {
  13.             "AllColumns": false,
  14.                "Columns": [
  15.                    "invoiceid"
  16.                ]
  17.            }
  18.       }
  19. }]]>
  20. </Body>
  21. </Parameters>

And then click on the Paste button in the COZYROC JavaScript Task/Component, as shown in the below screen capture:

Note: Make sure that the parameter Method is set to POST

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