Licensing Model Explained

Licensing Model Explained

COZYROC provides two different types of licenses for the SSIS+ Suite. They are the Ultimate Subscription and the Perpetual License. Both types of licenses are for the entire SSIS+ Suite of tasks, components and scripts.

No license of either type is required to develop and test packages from Visual Studio. Even if you are only using the SSIS+ suite for a one-time migration, you do not need a license key, if you kick off the package from Visual Studio.
A license key is required once you want to schedule and execute packages under the SQL Job Agent. A single license key is needed per physical machine; this is any server where you will be scheduling and executing packages that include SSIS+ components. It does not matter if you have multiple virtual machines on that server or multiple CPUs. You still only need one license key for the physical server. It also does not matter how many users you have (e.g. Dynamics CRM users).

Ultimate Subscription

An Ultimate Subscription provides two license keys , each of which can be used to license one physical server. The subscription is for one year and must be renewed on an annual basis. The subscription includes premium support . This level of support guarantees a response within 24 hours. With a subscription, you can upgrade to new releases as they become available. In fact, the subscription allows you to use any version of SSIS+ that is currently supported.

Perpetual License

Perpetual License provides one license key which can be used to license one physical server. It does not matter how many virtual machines or CPUs are on the licensed physical server. This type of license is a one-time purchase and never needs to be renewed. It is for a specific version of the SSIS+ Suite and related service releases. It does not entitle you to a license for a new major release of the SSIS+ Suite and there are no upgrade discounts of any kind. If you want to use a new major release, you must purchase a license key for that version.

The cost of a subscription will never increase, as long as your subscription is kept current. Even if you purchase additional subscriptions in the future, you will be able to purchase them at your original purchase price. The only time your subscription price will increase is if you let your subscription(s) expire.

Regular support is included in the purchase price of a Perpetual License. Premium support may be purchased as an annual subscription. The subscription for premium support covers up to ten licensed servers.

The Ultimate Subscription is recommended for most customers. The risk of purchasing a Perpetual License or Licenses is that the payback period during which your environment would have to remain static is very long.

See the Purchase page for the current pricing. See the video entitled “License Model Explained” for a recap of the license model, the pricing and some examples that show how to determine which type of license is right for you.

If your environment includes active/passive clusters, you will need to deploy a license key on both the active and the passive servers. However, you will not need to buy extra license keys for the passive clusters. To request additional license keys for the passive servers, please submit a ticket to the  SSIS Plus Billing And Subscriptions department via the Help Center.