How to setup your own Client ID in COZYROC Microsoft Dataverse Connector

How to setup your client_id and client_secret values to connect with COZYROC Microsoft Dataverse Connector and Exchange Connector

This KB-Article explains how you can setup your own client_id and client_secret values instead of using default COZYROC app client id to connect with Microsoft Dataverse Connector and Exchange Connector. You can do all of your administrative tasks using the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) portal.
     1. Sign in to your organization Azure Portal.
     2. Click on the Hamburger menu on the top left side and look for the Azure Active Directory.
     3. From the Azure Active Directory Panel, select App Registrations.
App Registrations

     4. Under  the Display Name tab,  select your app for which you want to get Application(Client) ID to move on to the application details.
Display Name
     5. Copy the Application (Client) ID into the safe location which you will use during the token generation
     6. Click on Client credentials to initiate the process of generating client_secret value as mention in the belwo screen capture.

     7. Provide the client secret description and expiration time and then click on Add button as mention in the below screen capture.

     8. Copy the client secret value as mention in below screen capture into the safe location which you will use during the token generation

     9. Select Redirect uri to move on to the Redirect uri console
Redirect URL
     10. In the Redirect uri page, add the below mention uri.
Adding redirect uri
11. Ensure that you have copied the client id (Application id), client secret and tenant id which you will be using during the token generation. Before you generate the token, you will need to assign the required api permissions in your Azure Portal for the desired service. Below screen captures Screen Capture Dataverse (For Dataverse Connection) and Screen Capture Exchange (For Exchange Connection) shows what api permissions needed to be setup in Azure Portal before initiating the token generating process either for Dataverse or Exchange Online Connections.
Screen Capture Dataverse
Screen Capture Exchange Online

     12. Now you can generate the token using your app client id, client_secret and tenant id by specifiying the values for the parameters client_id, client_secret and tenant as shown in the below screen capture. You will see the below wizard once you click on new token tab.

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