How To retrieve the license key via the License Application

How to retrieve the license key via the License Application

As part of the COZYROC SSIS+ Suite installation, the License Application is installed and it is located under the Submenu of COZYROC SSIS+ .

To retrieve the License Key from the COZYROC server, follow these steps:
IMPORTANT: The License Application must run on your target production server, where the SSIS+ library is installed.

The steps here are assuming you are licensing a machine that has not been previously licensed with a paid license or a TRIAL 30-day license.  If there is already a previously used Licensee value in the License Manager that is now being replaced, then you will want to select the "Remove" button so the Licensee is now blank and the "Update" button is no longer present and also the "Request License" button   is now available .  However, you may want to backup the License.dat file from the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\CozyRoc\SSIS" prior to selecting the "Remove" button if the license you are removing is still a valid license. (If you backup the License.dat file, please note along with the backup which Licensee the .dat file is for.)

01.  To launch the License Application , go to Start All Programs COZYROC SSIS+ and Right-Click  on License and then select  "Run as administrator."

Figure 01 - License Application

Note: When you run the License Application, it will show your machine identifier and two different options for requesting your license key.

02.  Enter the Licensee Identifier in the Licensee Text Box.

       Note: what you use for the Licensee Identifier depends on the type of purchase that was made. 
  • If you have purchased an SSIS+ Ultimate Subscription using PayPal, use the PayPal Subscription Number. 
  • If you have purchased an SSIS+ Perpetual License, use the Receipt Number.
  • If the licensing information has been provided by the COZYROC staff and looks something like Licensee Name(Licensee Identifier), please enter only the part that is in the () which is the Licensee IdentifierDo not enter the Licensee Name or the entire Licensee Name(Licensee Identifier) combination. Once you press the Request License or Update button, the full Licensee Name(Licensee Identifier) combination will be updated in the Licensee field by the COZYROC server.
      Optional: Email and Payment - use the email you used to make the purchase and the amount you paid.

03.  After entering the Licensee Identifier, Click the   button to request your license key from the server. 

Figure 02 - License Key (Retrieved From Server)

Note: if the license key is deployed successfully, the application will change accordingly, showing the licensed version and expiration date (if you purchased the Ultimate Subscription). If there are issues, the application will show error messages on the bottom.

04.  To close the License Application, click the X button located in the upper right corner.

Note: If your target server is running behind a firewall or cannot access the COZYROC License Server for some other reason, then follow the instructions described in the section entitled My server sits behind a firewall and I'm unable to contact the COZYROC license server. How can I get my license key? . Please also review Server without Internet access explanation video.

Post-Installation Steps

In order to execute a package from the SQL Server Agent, make sure you give explicit Read and Write permission to the CozyRoc License.dat file.  Note: the check-mark must be solid black on the Read and Write permission.

Figure 03 - Properties

If the check-mark is a gray color, then the permissions from the parent folder are applied and you need to convert the inherited permissions into explicit permissions.

Figure 04 - License.dat Properties (Parent Permissions)

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