How to migrate your COZYROC SSIS Plus license to a new server

How to migrate your COZYROC SSIS+ license to a new server

If you are migrating or transferring your COZYROC SSIS+ license key between servers, you may want to be able to execute packages on both the old and the new server during the transition period. If you do not have an extra COZYROC SSIS+ license key available for this, you may use a trial key for up to 30 days during the transition at no cost. This will allow you to execute packages from the SQL Server Agent on both servers: one of them uses your paid key and the other uses the trial key.

To set up one of the servers to use the 30 day trial key, use the word TRIAL for the Licensee Identifier from the COZYROC License application.


You may watch the video Migrating a License Key to a different Server explaining how to transfer your license key

Once the transition is complete and you are ready to decommission the old server use the License Customer Form (Step 5 below.) to reset your license record. This will free up the license key slot so it can be used by the new server. Be sure to save your license.dat file from the old server until you have reset your license record. It is required for resetting the license record.

Note: In the past, it was necessary to send the license.dat file to COZYROC in order to reset your license record. That is no longer necessary, although you will still need the license.dat file to complete the process from the License Customer Form.  


Recommended procedure to follow for migration:


  1. Install the COZYROC SSIS+ Suite on the new server.  Note: install SQL Server, Visual Studio and SSDT prior to installing SSIS+.
  2. Use the COZYROC SSIS+ License Application to retrieve a Trial License Key.  Note: use the word TRIAL for the Licensee Identifier text box. Then Click on the button to request the license key from the server.
  3. Migrate all packages to the new server.
  4. Perform a unit and then a system test.
  5. If everything looks good, from the old server use the License Customer Form to decommission the old server. This will disassociate the old machine license from your Licensee Identifier. You will be asked in the second step (next page) for your License.dat file. Once this step is complete, you have effectively reset your license record. For more detailed instructions on resetting your license record, see How to reset your License record.
  6. After resetting your license record, from the COZYROC SSIS+ License Application on the old server, click the Remove button to remove the license key from this server.
  7. Finally, from the new server, open the COZYROC SSIS+ License Application.
  8. Type your Licensee Identifier in the text box and then click the button to retrieve the License key, thereby using the slot that was freed up from the old server.

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