How to use the global Discovery Service after Microsoft deprecated the regional Discovery Service using COZYROC Dynamics CRM Connector.

How to connect to Dynamics 365 after Microsoft deprecated the regional Discovery Service.

After Microsoft has deprecated the regional Discovery Service as mentioned here. COZYROC has added a new parameter in the 2.0 version of COZYROC SSIS+.

In order to see the new parameter, you will need to upgrade to the latest 2.0 version or and after and explicitly specify the organization service address in the new parameter named "OrganizationURL".  The new parameter can be found by right clicking the Dynamics CRM Connector and selecting Properties and then scrolling to find the "OrganizationURL".

Note: When you are trying to create the connection from scratch you can't select Organization due to the changes, then the Dynamics CRM Connection is not created and therefore you cannot right-click the connection manager to see the properties window to update the new parameter.  A shortcut might be to find a Dynamics CRM Connection that existed prior to Microsoft's changes and then begin the configurations from there. This issue is solved in COZYROC SSS+ version and after.

The customer can find the value to enter into this parameter by searching for the organization url in the Dynamics CRM developer panel. See the following steps:

1. Click the "Settings" icon and choose "Advanced Settings".

2. Click "Settings" dropdown, then choose "Customizations".

3. Choose "Developer Resources".

4. The endpoint under the "Organization Services" is what is needed for the "OrganizationURL".