How to Add List Members using Dataverse Connector into Dynamic CRM

How to Add List Members using Dataverse Connector into Dynamic CRM

This idea to generate this KB-Article is to explain with an example how you can execute actions like  AddListMemebersList, AddCampaignItem etc. There is a special Resource Action available in Rest Destination for create action that can be use to accomplish the desired task.

Sample Execution setup for Action AddListMemebersList: In Dynamic CRM each list will have a specific target(entityType) that can be set while creating a new list. The target(entityType) can be of Account, Contact or Lead. In this example we will add contacts to our Marketing list because our list target(entityType) has setup to contact. See below screen capture for reference where we have a Marketing List with name List One set to Target As Contact. 

To perform this action by using COZYROC Dataverse Connector, In Rest Destination you will have to  select the Resource Action and Action Create. See below screenc apture for reference

Now click on the Mapping Tab and maps the column accordingly as shown in the below screen capture. 

Now is time to execute your package and see the output result.

Note: In the above screen capture we have mapped contactid to column action.AddlistMembersContact.contactid and listid to action.AddlistMembersContact.listid becuase our list is set to target(entityType) Contact. If the target is set to Account for a List then you will have to mapped the column accountid to action.AddlistMembersAccount.accountid and listid to action.AddlistMembersAccount.listid. All the required columns are available for for actions related to AddListMembersList and AddCampaignItem