How can I use a semicolon in a password? I get an error saying authentication failed.

How can I use a semicolon in a password?

If you are seeing an error message with the words “Authentication was partially successful” or “Authentication failed”, then check your password. If there is a semicolon (;) in it, that is the reason for the error.

The semicolon (;) symbol is a special symbol used as a delimiter character in the ConnectionString property. If you specify the password in the Connection Manager, the semicolon will not be included as part of the password and all characters after the semicolon will be lost .

Fortunately, COZYROC has a workaround. After you configure and close the Connection Manager dialog, right-click on the Connection Manager and select "Properties". Enter your password into the ServerPassword property. This will preserve your password and should work with any Connection Manager.

 A pontential error message seen when not implementing the ; in the password using the above directions is this error message: "Disconnected by the server ('User Disconnected'). (Rebex.Networking)".