Error Message: License: <NAME> component is not licensed.

Error Message: License: <NAME> component is not licensed.

      When executing an SSIS package with a COZYROC Task and/or component, the following error is encountered.

Error Message: 
      "License: '<NAME>' component is not licensed."


Note: in order to execute packages from the SQL Server Agent, make sure you have given explicit Read and Write permission to the COZYROC License.dat file.  The Check box must be a solid black on the Read and Write permissions.  If the Check box is a gray color, then the permission from the parent folder are applied and you will need to convert the inherited permissions to explicit permissions.
  1. Right Click on the License.dat file and select the Properties from the sub-menu.  Note: the License.dat file is located under the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\CozyRoc\SSIS.
  2. When the License.dat Properties Window is displayed, Click on the Security tab (See Figure 01).
  3. Click on the Advance button located at the bottom right corner.
  4. Select the user from the Permissions tab and then Click the Disable Inheritance button (See Figure 02).
  5. When the Block Inheritance Window is displayed, Click on "Convert inherited permissions into explicit permissions on this object." (See Figure 03).
  6. Click on the Apply and then afterward the Click OK button.
Note: after applying the changes to the License.dat file, you will need to restart the SQL Server Agent.

Figure 01 - License.dat Properties (Before)

Figure 02 - Advance Security Settings for License.dat

Figure 03 - Block Inheritance