Error Message: InvalidSecondFactor in SMTP Connection

Error Message: InvalidSecondFactor in SMTP Connection

When authenticating to a gmail account using SMTP Connection using my Username and Password for gmail, the following error occurs.
Error Message:
" bl38-20020a05620a1aa600b006a6bbc2725esm2301132qkb.118 - gsmtp (534). (Rebex.Smtp)"

Google posted an announcement here at this link with the notification shown in this screen capture:

Starting in the latest COZYROC SSIS+ 2.1 versions, OAuth2 authentication for Gmail method of connecting has been added and you can see a Quick Start for that here.

This OAuth2 authentication and the less secure authentication below both will work with 2-step-authentication.

As a result, now when you are authenticating with the SMTP Connection in COZYROC SSIS+ 2.0 or prior versions with your gmail Username and Password, the error message above is encountered.  Google returns that error with a link in the error message to a support page that gives you instructions on how to resolve the resulting issues of their new security method.


In step 5 of Google's instructions, a 16 character code is generated.

Here is a screen capture of step 5 where the 16 character code was generated:

Take that 16 character code and enter it into the SMTP Connection as the new Google App Password rather than your gmail password. It is what is now used to connect any of your so called "less secure apps".