E) Deleting Data from an API (DELETE Requests)

E) Deleting Data from an API (DELETE Requests)

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Step 1. Copy-paste the Data Flow Task used for updating data through the API.

Step 2. Open the JSON Source component and modify the JSON data to include only "id" and "name". The ID identifies the record we'd like to delete, and "name" is a field used as a placeholder for data to be sent in the DELETE request body. You can enter anything for the name.

This is where the API documentation for a particular web service typically differs from CozyRoc software's method.

Step 3. Delete unmapped input columns from the previous step using the checkbox in the bottom left corner of the screen opened by clicking the arrow with the red "X" indicator between Data Flow components. You may also use the top buttons in the REST Destination editor for this.

Step 4. Open the REST Destination editor to change the action to Delete. Ensure that the "id" and placeholder columns are mapped. Execute the Data Flow Task from the Control Flow. The item should now be deleted.

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