A SSIS Control Flow Task for downloading or uploading files using the HTTP protocol

Does the COZYROC SSIS+ Suite contain a component for downloading or uploading files using the HTTP protocol

In November of 2018, we introduced the JavaScript Task.  The JavaScript Task is an SSIS Control Flow Task that allows automation of any custom logic in the control flow.  It is an alternative to using the Microsoft Script Task and COZYROC Script Task Plus.  It is also a more flexible replacement to using the Microsoft Expression Task.

Because we now provide the JavaScript Task, all of our legacy scripts have been migrated or converted to JavaScript so they can work with the new Task. The script HTTP Upload Download Task script allows you to download and/or upload files to a website using the HTTP protocol.  

For a list of available scripts, please visit the Products page under Scripts.

IMPORTANT: JavaScript Task support SQL Server 2012 or later versions and it is available with the COZYROC SSIS+ Suite 1.9 release.

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