Data Flow Task Plus' Editor doesn't open

Data Flow Task Plus editor doesn't open

When I double-click on Data Flow Task Plus, the Data Flow Task Plus Editor doesn't open and instead of that I am sent to the Data Flow tab.

There is a known issue in Visual Studio when a solution file is opened externally (e.g. from the taskbar recent items or from the file system double clicking the .sln file). Please use one of the workarounds below so you will be able to open the DFT+ Editor:
  1. Unload and reload your SSIS project in Visual Studio.
  2. Close the solution and reopen it from within Visual Studio using File --> Open --> Project/Solution. (In other words, do not open by double clicking the .sln file from outside Visual Studio.)
The issue has been fixed in COZYROC SSIS+ version
Data Flow Task Plus Editor might initially not open on double-click or right click in Visual Studio 2019, but it will work after a few seconds (after the necessary background initialization completes).

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