Error Message: Could not initialize component for use in the designer.

Error Message: "Could not initialize component for use in the designer."


 While creating a new CRM destination, the following error is encountered.

Error Message:

TITLE: Microsoft Visual Studio



The component could not be added to the Data Flow task. Verify that this component is properly installed. Component information:

Name: 'Dynamics CRM Destination'

Description: 'Populates Dynamics CRM destination entity.'

Class ID: 'CozyRoc.SqlServer.SSIS.CrmDestination, CozyRoc.SSISPlus.2017, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=16cf490bb80c34ea'

File Name: 'CozyRoc.SSISPlus.2017'

File Version: '' .

Could not initialize component for use in the designer.

Please verify that this component is properly installed.





Object reference not set to an instance of an object. (CozyRoc.SSISPlus.UI.2017)



SSIS+ 1.8 in Visual Studio 2017 is not supported in SSDT 15.8.1 or later (i.e. SSDT with SQL Server 2019 support)

You are likely using SSIS+ 1.8 and a higher version of SSDT than 15.8.0 (14.0.16174.0) which would cause an incompatibility issue.

You would need to uninstall SSIS+ 1.8, uninstall the current SSDT, install SSDT 15.8.0 (14.0.16174.0) and reinstall SSIS+ 1.8.

Or, you could uninstall SSIS+ 1.8 and install SSIS+ 1.9.



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These features will help you be more productive and allow you to componentize your common data flow logic.