After installation, I cannot find the COZYROC License Application.

After installation, I cannot find the COZYROC License Application.

With the release of the Windows Vista operating system, and included in all Windows operating systems released after that, a new security feature was introduced called User Account Control (UAC). It is enabled, by default, on those systems and is used to help protect the system from unauthorized malicious activity.

UAC has the potential to interfere with the normal operation of certain programs such as installation.  As a result, issues may occur and result in program errors.  For this reason, it is recommended that you disable UAC prior to installing the COZYROC SSIS+ Suite.

‚ÄčFor further information on UAC, please see Microsoft's article on User Account Control (TechNet).

If that is not the problem, then check if SSIS is installed correctly. Ensure that you used the correct installer for SSIS as well as SSIS+, depending on whether you're running on a 32bit or a 64bit machine.

Also, make sure that the "Client Tools" were included when you installed SSIS.

If you recently installed SQL Server, it may not have installed properly.

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