SSIS+ 1.7 Releases

SSIS+ 1.7 Releases

To make COZYROC's components available in the new SSDT 17 version, change the target platform version to one of the other three available options: SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, or SQL Server 2016.
Released COZYROC SSIS+ 1.7 SR-1 ( The release includes the following major changes:
  • Fixed: Using project connections in tasks failed with error "The connection "..." is not found" (Thank you, Arun). 
 Amazon S3 Connection
  • New: Support for TLS 1.1 protocol and above.
 Data Flow Task Plus
  • Fixed: Fixes for handling incorrect metadata setup by ADO.NET Destination component.
  • Fixed: AutoAdjustBufferSize property was not available for SQL Server 2016 (Thank you, Adam).
  • Fixed: Failed to process destination tables with columns having greater than 4000 characters but less than 8000 (Thank you, Matt).
  • Fixed: Failed to process when using Fuzzy Lookup component (Thank you, Matt).
 Dynamics CRM Connection
  • New: Setup a more appropriate DT_DBDATE column data type for attributes with DateTimeFormat.DateOnly setting.
  • New: Setup includes the unique name of the selected organization.
  • New: Access Control Service (ACS) is no longer used to connect to Dynamics 365/CRM Online.
  • Fixed: Type attributes for Customer fields were not handled correctly (Thank you, Siraj).
 Dynamics CRM Destination
  • Fixed: Various fixes related to the IgnoreUnchanged option (Thank you, Mihkel).
  • Fixed: Dialog opening generated error when using older SSIS packages (Thank you, Senthil).
  • Fixed: Component didn't handle type attributes for Customer fields correctly (Thank you, Siraj).
 Dynamics CRM Source
  • Fixed: Component incorrectly converted input UTC datetime columns to local time. This broke backwards compatibility for existing packages (Thank you, Saritha).
  • New: Component setup dialog now includes data Preview tab.
  • Fixed: Component didn't handle type attributes for Customer fields correctly (Thank you, Siraj).
 Excel Connection
  • Fixed: Failed to open certain Excel files (Thank you, Ada).
 Excel Source
  • New: Component can now read from named ranges pointing to tables.
  • Fixed: Component failed with error when input cell value was larger than the output column length and the column truncation metadata was set to ignore (Thank you, Dave). For further information check this post.
 FTPS Connection
  • Fixed: Failed with error "Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman prime received from the server is considered weak" (Thank you, Michael).
  • Fixed: File Transfer Task failed with error "The requested operation is not supported" (Thank you, Dave).
 HubSpot Connection
  • New: Support for OAuth 2.0 authentication.
  • New: Support for add/remove of contacts in list.
 Marketo Connection
  • Fixed: REST Source component failed with error (Thank you, Paul):
"Template: {{'id'}}
Field: undefined
Value: undefined
Error: TypeError: undefined cannot be converted to an object"
 NetSuite Connection
  • New: Support for automatic renewal of expired session.
 ODBC Destination
  • Fixed: Component inserted mangled text when using MySQL database as destination (Thank you, Lokeswar).
  • Fixed: Component failed to insert data into a table where column names contained space (Thank you, Valeriu).
 OpenPGP Task
  • Fixed: Source file kept locked when 'Decrypt File' action failed (Thank you, John).
 Parallel Loop Task
  • Fixed: Failed when project connections were used.
  • Fixed: Resolved long-standing concurrency issue affecting customers using SQL Server 2012 and above. The issue appeared occasionally when a connection expression was configured to use a variable iterated in the loop.
 Pardot Connection
  • Fixed: Various fixes (Thank you Porter, Cheryl).
 QlikView Source
  • Fixed: Component failed with error "System.Exception: Unhandled type: QvxQvSpecialFlag (0)" (Thank you, Fathima).
 QuickBooks Connection
  • Fixed: Failed to generate new token for the latest QuickBooks Online service.
 REST Source
  • New: Component setup dialog now includes data Preview tab.
 Salesforce Connection
  • New: Updated web service proxy to version 41.
 Salesforce Destination
  • Fixed: IgnoreNullValue parameter didn't work properly when bulk-mode was used.
  • Fixed: Component failed with error "type must be specified for polymorphic foreign key field: Who" (Thank you, Mustafa).
  • New: A new parameter BulkJobInfo for optional bulk job information.
 Salesforce Source
  • New: Component can now retrieve deleted records in bulk mode.
 SAS Data Source
  • Fixed: Component failed with error 'Index was outside the bounds of the array." during initialization when having more than one component executing simultaneously (Thank you, Sam).
 ServiceNow Connection
  • New: Support for reading from database views.
 SharePoint Connection
  • Fixed: Failed to connect to SharePoint Online when third-party Ping token service was used (Thank you, Pradeep).
  • Fixed: File Transfer Task was not working properly when used with SharePoint sub-site (Thank you, Michael).
 SharePoint Destination
  • New: A new parameter IgnoreNullValue.
 SSH Connection
  • Fixed: Failed to upload a file to a restricted folder (Thank you, Daniel).
 Tableau Destination
  • New: Component now provides better diagnostic information when required third-party modules are not properly deployed.
  • New: Support for newer Tableau SDK modules.
  • New: Support for Tableau 10.5 Hyper.
  • New: Support for #evaluate directive.
 Template Task
  • New: Support for #evaluate directive.
 Zip Task
  • Fixed: BZip2 file compression failed with error 'Cannot access a closed File.' (Thank you, Krish).
  • Fixed: Zip decompression failed with error "CRC mismatch" when processing certain files created with ComponentOne library (Thank you, Anders).
 Zoho CRM Connection
  • Fixed: Various fixes (Thank you, Michelle).

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